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e2 and Inspector Gadget…

I let her ride him bareback to put him away, she was in heaven. This kid gets to the barn and hardly even says hi to me before she’s busy grooming the snot out of ‘her pony’. She carries her own saddle, she untacks him herself and she doesn’t want any help, ever, putting him away.. or doing anything else actually. She’s barely 5 and kid is intensely independent; she’s well on her way to being one hell of an equestrian. 

Inspector Gadget is helping her get there, I love when kids this age/size have a pony that’s actually their size. She can safely learn horsemanship with him, she can manage her own tack, she can manage 99% of his grooming, she can lead him around and learn to manage situations safely that she couldn’t ever do with a bigger horse or pony… IG is special and he’s teaching her more than any other horse could. 

This little pair reminds me of E learning on Daphne. 

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